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ASTR498 – Honors Astronomy – Fall 2013

Instructor: Dr. Duncan Lorimer

Contact details:

Office hours: M/W 1030-1200 in G61 White Hall (or by appointment)

Class times: R 1300-1350 in G4 White Hall

Overview: This is the honors add-on to ASTR106, Descriptive Astronomy. In this course, we will look at some of the topics covered in ASTR106 in more detail and go beyond the descriptive approach and understand some extreme phenomena in the Universe. Although this may sound a bit daunting at first, as you’ll discover, with just a working knowledge of high-school math and physics, we can learn a great deal. You will also each be reviewing a different astronomical topic throughout the semester. At the end of the course, you’ll make a presentation on this topic to your fellow students.

Prerequisites: I’ll assume that you are taking ASTR106, or have completed it in a previous semester. I’ll also be dredging up that high-school math and physics, and you may find a calculator useful for solving some of the problems. Reading material: All material and assignments will be handed out in class. Students are encouraged to use the Internet to find out more about the topics we will discuss.

Assessment: 60% Attendance; 20% Problem sets; 20% Final Presentation

Grading: 90% or higher A+; 80-89% A; 70-79% B; 60-69% C; 50-59% D