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Duncan Lorimer

West Virginia University
Department of Physics and Astronomy
White Hall
PO Box 6315
Morgantown, WV 26506 USA
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Office phone: 304-293-4867 (don’t leave voice mail: I never check it)
Cell phone: 304-290-0417 (I do check the voice mail on this one!)

I’m an astronomer interested in compact objects (black holes, neutron stars and white dwarfs) which I study using radio pulsars: rapidly spinning, highly magnetized neutron stars. Pulsars are great fun to study and have lead to a lot of exciting adventures over the years. A nice behind-the-scenes article describing how this work is carried out can be found here .

I arrived at WVU in May 2006 from the Jodrell Bank Pulsar Group where I worked as a Royal Society Research Fellow. Before that I was at Arecibo Observatory (1998-2001) and at the MPIfR in Bonn (1995-1998). My research revolves around surveys for radio pulsars and what they tell us about the population of neutron stars. This work is carried out with many collaborators and uses some of the classic radio telescopes around the world. Of particular interest are young, energetic pulsars and binary systems where the orbiting companion is a white dwarf, a main sequence star, another neutron star, and (perhaps soon!) a stellar-mass black hole.

To find out more, see this review article, our Handbook of Pulsar Astronomy or my CV . For your amusement, here is my PhD thesis from 1994! You can find a list of my publications on Google Scholar. If you are really keen, you might want to watch this…

Galactic NS Population (a Radio Perspective) from UWM Center for Gravitation and C on Vimeo.

I’ve been lucky to work with some very talented people over the years…

Stas Edel – WVU undergrad
Adil Moghal – WVU undergrad
Austin Anuta-Darling – WVU undergrad
Steve Curran – Manchester grad student
Natasha Hurley-Walker – Manchester summer student
Sarah Verbickas – Manchester grad student
Richard Ogley – Manchester grad student
Ruth Murray – Arecibo REU student
James Sheckard – Arecibo REU student
Josh Ridley – WVU grad student
Joris Verbiest – WVU postdoc
Paulo Freire – WVU research assistant professor
Vlad Kondratiev – WVU postdoc
Manjari Bagchi – WVU postdoc
Zannah Bailey – WVU summer student
Jason Boyles – WVU graduate student
Mitch Mickaliger – WVU graduate student
Sam Bates – WVU postdoc
Andrew Seymour – Nonlinear studies of pulsars
Jayanth Chennamangalam – Pulsars in globular clusters
Joe Swiggum – Pulsar populations and searching

My current students at WVU keep me busy…

Akshaya Rane – Radio Transients
Kaustubh Rajwade – Pulsars
Golnoosh Golpayegani – Pulsars

I have some esteemed collaborators…

Fernando Camilo – Columbia
Scott Ransom – NRAO
Matthew Bailes – Swinburne
Andrew Lyne – Jodrell Bank
Michael Kramer – MPIfR
Ben Stappers – Jodrell Bank
Aris Karasterigiou – Oxford
David Nice – Fayette College
Andrea Lommen – Franklin & Marshall College
Froney Crawford – Franklin & Marhsall College
Maura McLaughlin – WVU
Dan Stinebring – Oberlin
Dick Manchester – ATNF
Simon Johnston – ATNF
Vicky Kaspi – McGill
Ingrid Stairs – UBC

And was fortunate to study with some fantastic mentors…

Bernard Schutz – Cardiff/AEI Potsdam
Andrew Lyne – Jodrell Bank
Dick Manchester – ATNF
Matthew Bailes – Swinburne
Simon Johnston – ATNF

I teach all sorts of interesting courses here at WVU…

Spring 2017 – Honors Relativity (ASTR 115)
Spring 2017 – Waves and Thermal Physics (PHYS 211)
Fall 2016 – General Relativity (ASTR 470/704)
Spring 2016 – Radio Astronomy (ASTR 700)
Winter 2016 – The Science of Interstellar (At OSU)
Fall 2015 – Computational Astrophysics (ASTR 701)
Spring 2015 – Explosions in Space (ASTR 110)
Spring 2015 – Honors Relativity (ASTR 115)
Fall 2014 – General Relativity (ASTR 470)
Spring 2014 – Explosions in Space (ASTR 110)
Spring 2014 – Radio Astronomy (ASTR 700)
Fall 2013 – Computational Astrophysics (ASTR 701)
Fall 2013 – Honors Astronomy (ASTR 499)
Fall 2012 – General Relativity (Gravitational Wave Physics) (ASTR 704)
Fall 2012 – General Relativity (Black Hole Physics) (ASTR 470)
Spring 2012 – Explosions in Space (ASTR 110)
Spring 2012 – Honors Relativity (ASTR 499)
Fall 2011 – Honors Relativity (ASTR 499)
Fall 2011 – Radio Astronomy (ASTR 700)
Spring 2011 – Observational Astronomy (ASTR 469)
Fall 2010 – Honors Astronomy (ASTR 498)
Fall 2010 – General Relativity (ASTR 470)
Spring 2010 – Descriptive Astronomy (ASTR 106)
Fall 2009 – Radio Astronomy (ASTR 700)
Fall 2009 – Honors Relativity (ASTR 499)
Spring 2009 – Galactic Astronomy (ASTR 703)
Fall 2008 – Honors Astronomy (ASTR 498)
Fall 2008 – General Relativity (ASTR 470)
Spring 2008 – Descriptive Astronomy (ASTR 106)
Fall 2007 – Honors Astronomy (ASTR 498)
Fall 2007 – Radio Astronomy (ASTR 700)
Fall 2006 – Honors Astronomy (ASTR 498)
Fall 2006 – Descriptive Astronomy (ASTR 106)

I’m impressed you actually scrolled this far down the page. OK, just for fun, sometimes I mix work and pleasure with unusual results…