People in the WVU Center for Astrophysics


Loren Anderson – Assistant Professor – Galactic Astronomy
Zach Etienne – Adjunct Professor – Gravitational Wave Astrophysics
Felix J. Lockman – Adjunct Professor – Galactic Astronomy
Duncan Lorimer – Professor – Pulsars, radio transients, signal processing
Maura McLaughlin – Professor – Multiwavelength studies of pulsars and radio transients
Sean McWilliams – Assistant Professor – Gravitational Wave Astrophysics
Karen O’Neil – Adjunct Professor – Star Formation and Extragalactic Astronomy
D.J. Pisano – Associate Professor – Galactic and Extragalactic Astronomy

Postdoctoral Researchers:

Lina Levin – Correcting interstellar delays in NANOGrav data
Eliu Huerta – Astrophysical general relativity: modeling, detection and scientific exploitation of gravitational waves
Fan Zhang – Numerical and analytical relativity


Megan Moore – PIRE group administrator
Nate Garver-Daniels – System administrator

Graduate students:

Jayanth Chennamangalam – Globular cluster pulsars
Nipuni Palliyaguru – RRATs
Joe Swiggum – Pulsar timing
Katie Rabidoux – Galaxies
Bingyi Cui – Timing RRATs
Rossina Miller – Timing RRATs
Fernando Cardoso – Timing PALFA pulsars
Spencer Wolfe – Galaxies

Megan Jones

Undergraduate students:

Caitlin Ahrens – X-ray observations of black widow pulsars
Angela Cortes-Nieves – Searches for perytons
Nathan Tehrani – Initial spins of pulsars
Craig Tenney – Double neutron star systems in Globular Clusters
Adam Collins – Gravitars

Former students:

Stas Edel – Gravitational lensing, PALFA searches, magnetars – now a graduate student at NMT
Josh Ridley – Pulsar populations – now assistant Professor at Murray State
Tabitha Smith – RRATs, searching Andromeda Galaxy for giant radio bursts – now a graduate student at GWU
Jason Boyles, Search for new pulsars and characterizing their properties through multiwavelength studies. Statistical analysis of globular cluster pulsar population.
Dominic Ludovici – HI studies of galaxies, GMRT searches, magnetars – now a graduate student at Iowa
Benetge Perera – Probes of Pulsar Emission Physics: The Double Pulsar and the Gamma-Ray Pulsar Population
Mitch Mickaliger – Searches for Radio Pulsars & Fast Transients and Multiwavelength Studies of Single-pulse Emission
Josh Miller – RRATs and X-ray data analysis

Former members:

Paulo Freire – Now at Max-Planck-Institut fuer Radio Astronomie, Bonn, Germany
Vlad Kondratiev – Now at Astron in the Netherlands
Joris Verbiest – Now at Max-Planck-Institut fuer Radio Astronomie, Bonn, Germany
Sam Bates
Manjari Bagchi

In loving memory:

Jack Littleton – former Emeritus Professor – Stellar spectra

The group as of April 28, 2010 pictured on the grassy knoll outside Hodges Hall.
Left group: Jayanth Chennamangalam, Jason Boyles, Dominic Ludovici, Josh Miller, Gary Marchini, Justin Ellis, Josh Ridley, Priyadarshini Bangale
Right group (back row): Mitch Mickaliger, Spencer Wolfe, Tabitha Smith, Benetge Perera
Right group (front row): Manjari Bagchi, Katie Rabidoux, Nipuni Palliyaguri, D.J. Pisano, Duncan Lorimer
Missing from photo: Jack Littleton, Maura McLaughlin, Stas Edel Summer09
The group as of May 28, 2009 pictured on the grassy knoll outside of Hodges.
Back row: Joris Verbiest, Tabitha Smith, Duncan Lorimer, Jason Boyles, Mitch Mickaliger, Spencer Wolfe
Front row: Vlad Kondratiev, Paulo Freire, Maura McLaughlin, D.J. Pisano, Dominic Ludovici, Stas Edel, Katie Rabidoux, Ben Perera
Missing from photo: Jack Littleton, Josh Ridley, Josh Miller
The group as of March 31, 2008 pictured at the WVU observatory. From left to right: Ben Perera, Stas Edel, Dominic Ludovici, Spencer Wolfe, Vlad Kondratiev, Mitch Mickaliger, Dunc Lorimer, Maura McLaughlin, Josh Miller, Robert Simmons, Josh Ridley, Jason Boyles & Jack Littleton
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