WVU Center for Astrophysics
Explosions in Space – Spring 2015

ASTR 110 – Explosions in Space – Spring 2015

Instructor: Dr. Duncan Lorimer

Contact details: Duncan dot Lorimer at mail dot wvu dot edu

Office hours: M/W 1000-1200 in G61 White Hall

Class times: M/W/F 1330-1420 in B51 White Hall

Overview: The aim of this course is to provide students with a thorough qualitative understanding of some of the most violent and energetic phenomena in the universe. Topics discussed will include exploding stars and supernova, pulsars and black holes, wormholes and time travel and the creation of the universe in the so-called “big bang”. Assessment will be via in-class assignments, grading of weekly multiple-choice problem sets, a midterm exam, a term paper and a final exam at the University’s scheduled time during exam week.

Class Facebook group: Get all the alerts below posted to your fb feed, and discuss online!

Student area: To complete homework assignments, and look at your grades, you will need to access your password-protected account:

Username: Password:


Jan 23 – Ronald Mallett talking about the light clock

Jan 22 – Slides for lecture 5

Jan 21 – YouTube video showing relativity of simultaneity

Jan 21 – Website discussing relativity of simultaneity

Jan 20 – Slides for lecture 4

Jan 16 – Morgan Freeman talking about Hawking Radiation!

Jan 15 – Slides for lecture 3

Jan 13 – Slides for lecture 2

Jan 13 – Class syllabus

Jan 12 – Class facebook page now up and running…

Jan 12 – You tube video explaining scientific notation

Jan 12 – Slides for lecture 1

Jan 12 – lecture notes

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